Album Art + Music Marketing

Album Art + Music Marketing

Thu June 01

Album Art + Music Marketing

Guests: Rob Baker, Justin Tessier, Andrew McLachlan
Moderator: Cyndy Gibson
The Broom Factory
Doors 3:30pm // Event 4-5pm // All Ages
Free // Preregister Here


Back in the day, the utility poles on University Ave bulged with concerts posters and flyers, advertising the upcoming shows, album releases, and serving as a barometer of the Kingston music scene. For bands everywhere, it wasn't uncommon to make new fans based entirely on their album art (doesn't this account for 50% of Iron Maiden fans!?). While a stroll up and down University Ave may still provide a snapshot of the local scene, it's far from a comprehensive look. Join us for a panel discussion on the evolving role of album art and artist promotion. Our guests will share insights on the significance of album art in capturing the listener's attention, and how social media, NFTs, and other technologies can be leveraged to promote music and create unique experiences for fans.

This event is a must-attend for artists, labels, and anyone interested in the ever-evolving music industry landscape.


ROB BAKER (The Tragically Hip):

Rob is a Canadian guitarist, best known as the lead guitarist of The Tragically Hip. He was inducted—as a member of the Tragically Hip—to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2005. Rob was also one of the winners of a 1999 Juno Award for Best Album Design, for The Tragically Hip release Phantom Power. On June 15, 2017, it was announced that Baker, along with the other members of The Tragically Hip, would be appointed to the Order of Canada for "their contribution to Canadian music and for their support of various social and environmental causes.

JUSTIN TESSIER (The Blue Stones):

Justin is a Windsor, ON native who has resided in Kingston for almost a decade. He is the drummer for the Juno-nominated band, The Blue Stones, and holds a Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree from Queen's University. Justin has a keen interest in understanding the inner workings of the music industry and finding ways to build and engage audiences.

ANDREW MCLACHLAN (Juno-winner, Best Album Design):

Andrew was a full-time design Professor and Program Coordinator in the Graphic Design Program at St. Lawrence College for 18 years. He has served on the Registered Graphic Designers of Canada Education Committee, and holds a Masters degree in Distance Education. In his professional design practice, Andrew won a Juno Award for Best Album Design (the Tragically Hip), and was recognized by Communication Arts magazine for Art Direction. Besides the Tragically Hip, Andrew has designed album packages for Emily Fennell, Georgette Fry, Buck Jones (his former band) and other artists. He continues to work on design and musical projects, and claims he doesn’t have enough hours in the day.