Sync City

Sync City

Sun June 04

Sync City

Guests: Mint Simon, Isabelle Banos, Rich Brisson
The Broom Factory
Doors 12pm // Event 12:30-1:30pm // All Ages
Free // Preregister Here


How many musicians write, record, tour, write, record, tour (and keep repeating) until one day they hit a wall, sell all their gear, and get a job working at a bank, dreaming of what life could've been like on the big stage? Well, we're here to say there are OTHER ways of monetizing your career as a musician that don't require you to get in the van (even though we do encourage you to check out our panel, "Get in the Van", following this panel).

Music plays a huge role in TV and film and can be a game-changer for artists’ careers. But how exactly do these songs end up on TV? This panel will demystify this process. Intended for artists at any stage of their career, come learn about the process, ask questions, get your music heard, and start thinking about different ways to monetize your music!

FYI (in case we've confused you about taking that job at the bank):
Sync or “Synchronization” is when music and moving images are used simultaneously in television shows, commercials, movies, advertisements, video games, YouTube videos, or other applications. A music “synchronization license,” is a license granted by the copyright holder of a particular composition, allowing the user to synchronize music with visual media. When a song is licensed for sync, the songwriter and publisher receive a fee for the use of the underlying song. Likewise, the owner of the sound recording will also receive a master use license fee. Boom, you get paid!


MINT SIMON (Caveboy):

Mint Simon is the solo project of the front person of indie-pop band, Caveboy. Their music is a sonic and lyrical exploration of love, missed opportunities, desire and sexual liberation. Mint is using this as a vehicle for self-discovery and expression, as they develop their unique musical sound as a solo act while sharing their journey of self-acceptance with captivating and effortlessly catchy pop tunes. Leather, pleather, shimmer n’ glimmer - they are unapologetically queer - a pop prince tapping into their 80s and 90s influences, while being unabashedly themselves and having zero restrictions. Be sure to check out Mint Simon's show, June 3 at Musiikki, part of our Spring Reverb x Pop Montreal showcase.


Isabelle is a Montreal-based producer, songwriter and a founding member of the alternative pop band Caveboy. She has performed across Canada, showcased throughout the U.S., and participated in major music conferences all over the world. Her music has appeared in TV shows (Maid, Orange is the New Black), movies (Happiest Season, The New Romantic) and featured in editorial playlists on all major streaming platforms (New Music Friday, Fresh Finds). Her passion for empowerment through education has led her to become a YouTuber for LANDR, as well as a regular volunteer for the Montreal chapter of Rock Camp For Girls. In 2021, she opened her own inclusive studio space, Chez Ballsy, in Montreal.

RICH BRISSON (Cadence Music Group):

Rich Brisson heads up the sync & licensing department at Cadence Music Group and represents the master recordings of 30+ record labels (including ATO Records, Physical Presents, Public Records, Pheromone Recordings) along with a boutique publishing catalogue of songs for sync for placement opportunities. Cadence has seen placements from their catalogue in ads for Virgin Mobile, Ford, Lululemon, Facebook, Women’s Shelter of Canada, LCBO + numerous television placements with NBC, CBS, Fox Sports, Netflix, Amazon Prime, CBC, CTV, Sportsnet and TSN. Rich is also a part of the music supervision and creative services team at Eggplant Music & Sound, an award-winning audio posthouse in Toronto representing a roster of in-house composers along withtwo full-service audio post studios. The Eggplant has composed music for brands such as Ikea, Bell, Visa, Mitsubishi, VW, McDonald’s plus numerous hours of television for CBC News, Take Note – Season 1 (NBC), 26th Street Garage (CBS), Hello (Again) – Season 1 (CBC) + many others.