Music Declares Emergency

Music Declares Emergency

Fri June 02

Music Declares Emergency

Guests: Brighid Fry, Kim Fry
The Broom Factory
Doors 12:30pm // Event 1-2pm // All Ages
Free // Preregister Here


Last summer, as Canada saw wildfires followed by massive flooding, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called the United Nations Climate Working Group report “a code red for humanity”. A conservative estimate puts the impact of the music industry at being responsible for 20-60 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent per year. And although the music sector has a large carbon footprint, musicians can also play a major role in helping to shape people’s hearts and minds and have a tremendous influence over their audiences and fans. Music has an important role to play in inspiring the world to confront the climate emergency as well as taking steps to decarbonize the sector. From streaming, venues, staging and merch to touring, travel, festivals and live music, we will discuss what is happening across the music industry to address the climate crisis and explore how the music sector can play a key role in responding to the climate emergency.


BRIGHID FRY (Housewife, ex Moscow Apartment):

Brighid is one half of the award winning duo Housewife (formerly known as Moscow Apartment). Currently 19 years old, she grew up in the movement for Climate Justice including performing at many rallies, protests and fundraisers. Brighid helped to co-found Music Declares Emergency Canada. Her band Moscow Apartment (now Housewife) have toured across Canada and parts of the U.S. In July of 2020 they released a critically acclaimed sophomore EP that helped land them an international record deal with Hazel Street Records.

KIM FRY (Music Declares Emergency Canada):

Kim Fry lives by the Atlantic ocean in Kjipuktuk/Halifax in Mi'kma'ki. She is a co-founder, board member and coordinator for Music Declares Emergency Canada which she helped her 19 year old musician daughter Brighid Fry (Housewife/Moscow Apartment) start up during Covid. Kim has worked on energy efficiency and climate and before her recent move Eastward, she lived in Tkaronto (Toronto) for 27 years where she was an elementary school teacher, union activist, climate justice activist, environmental campaigner, storyteller and music manager.