Fucked Up

Fucked Up

Fri June 02

Fucked Up

+ Housewife, Automatic Joy, Monach
The Mansion
6pm doors // 6:30pm-10:00pm show // All Ages // $20
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FUCKED UP - (Toronto, ON):
Set time: 9:00pm - 10:00pm
Fucked Up is a Canadian hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario, formed in 2001. With One Day, Fucked Up have delivered one of the most energizing and intricate albums of their entire career, a massive-sounding record that arrives in deceptively small confines. The Canadian hardcore legends have been known for their epic scale in the past, from towering concept albums to 12-hour performances—so it might be a surprise that Fucked Up’s sixth studio album is their shortest to date, written and recorded in the confines of one literal day (hence the title). Don’t mistake size for substance, though: The band’s sound has only gotten bigger, more hard-charging, with even denser thickets of melody. If that sounds like a study in contrasts, well, that’s Fucked Up for you—and you shouldn’t expect, or want, anything different.

- (Toronto, ON):
Set time: 8:10pm - 8:40pm
Housewife write and perform their own songs and think genres are boring and reductive. They are queer and an ally, an activist and champion of the environmental organization Music Declares Emergency. In fact, Housewife sums it up pretty concisely in its Twitter bio: “Opinionated feminist indie band.” 
And they’re only getting started. At 19 years old, Brighid Fry (she / they) have already released a debut self-titled EP in 2017 and a follow-up EP, Better Daughter, which the CBC named one of the “22 Albums You Need to Hear” in the summer of 2020. Additionally, Housewife have already won a Canadian Folk Music Award, a Toronto Independent Music Award, the Canadian Songwriting Competition (in the under 18 category), and the Slaight Music It’s Your Shot award. With the new music, released via Hazel Street Records (Sony/Orchard), Housewife returns with its most mature and insightful collection to date.

AUTOMATIC JOY - (Kingston, ON):
Set time: 7:20pm - 7:50pm
Automatic Joy are best friends first and a local band second. Homer, Jessica, Ben and Benjamin create and perform very loud, hooky, anxious and transparent Punk Rock. As each of the members share and do not share the same musical influences, the band’s sound is a mixture of the various forms of 'Punk' throughout the years, with a heavy effects-pedal driven 80s/90s Alternative slant.

- (Kingston, ON):
Set time: 6:30pm - 7:00pm

In spite of a time that brought most of the world to a bitter crawl, Monach are fighting back at that gloom and embarking on their second chapter. After releasing their debut album, “Duner”, an acoustic EP, and playing various shows throughout Ontario prior to the pandemic, the Kingston, Ontario band is hungry for more. The band pours their heart and soul into every show and every song, unbridled energy bursting on the stage. There is a love and resolve for playing and writing music between the four members of the alt rock band, their sound ever evolving while striving to be as honest as possible and drawing you in with catchy hooks and sincere lyrics.